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Big Government

Big Government(5) is a term for a constitutionally involved governing body that is excessively large for the overseeing of a public sector. Generally, the governing body exercises excessive authority in regulating personal behavior within a country or its state bodies. Contrasting the big government designation, a small government is invoked when its involvement in public or private matters is minimal. Western civilization(6) established the principles of freedom and personal ingenuity leading to a system of government labeled as capitalistic. This form of government and the advances in science has enabled a phenomenal industrial growth. The liberal approach to government impedes a country’s growth as it expands government oversight. The American government has evolved from small, limited activities during its foundation to its current size, commonly referred to as “big government”.


Conservatives: The conservative elements in the country, republicans and libertarians alike, believe that the government has grown excessively and continues to grow without control by either the conservative or progressive groups. Regardless of rhetoric and promises to reduce its size, none has been effective in reducing its size or its financial debt. Reducing the size of government also leads to a reduction of waste due to inefficient oversight.


  • The constitution intended to limit its government growth by the separation of powers in the form of the legislative, executive and judiciary. The separation was intended to minimize the power of each department and avoid its influence in the private sector. The main role of government in a capitalistic state is to promote competitiveness in the business world by providing guidance and hands off policies.


  • Conservatives believe that progressive programs to help the poor are costly, hinge on being unconstitutional and poor planning ultimately harms those that they hope to benefit. The constant decline in educational performance in math and reading in the last decade is an example of poor results by progressive elements.


  • Conservatives believe that the way to aid the poor is to create jobs, to create independence and to instill self-esteem. They also believe in improved programs to enhance educational needs for poor children at risk through charter or private schools is the path to success. Minimizing government involvement reduces the practice of control over the populous.


Progressives: Since the end of World War II programs to expand the American government have prevailed especially during governing periods by liberal and currently progressive entities. These include Medicare, hospitalization assistance programs, education of our children and creation of housing for the poor. These initiatives and inferior methods of guiding economic activity have resulted in excessive amounts of government growth and misuse of funds.


  • The progressive elements have introduced the “war on poverty” which has led to minimal improvement for the poor; a promise made by Democratic leaders each election period with little positive results when in elected office. Additionally, when a democratic party obtains excessive power in its rule it generally demands more power and creates more dependence.


  • Those who control the democratic party continue to spend excessive dollars which have increased the federal budget; particularly in the last decade. Most of the programs are for pet projects of the democratic leaders which do not significantly aid the populous.


  • Progressives believe that politics has become a war between the selfish and heartless elite of the republican party as opposed to the kind and open-hearted democratic party who help the lower-class people through government assistance. The liberal/progressive programs have actually kept the lower class in their current state of affairs. Progressive leaders also promote their “share the wealth” philosophy (take from the rich for the poor) used in European governments.


Commentary: Is it wise to continue to grow the government and constantly increase the financial deficit to the breaking point? Check out the current indebtedness and draw a conclusion.

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