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Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement began(7) in 2013 by three, black female organizers as a movement protesting the acquittal in the shooting death of a black male. BLM growth continued as other incidents of killings of black individuals occurred; resulting in the formation of the Black Lives Matter Foundation. The resultant global movement was centered in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada which focused on protesting police brutality and systematic racism particularly in the black community. Support in the US varied(8) from favorable (67%) to declining (55%) by the end of the 2020 time frame. BLM remains active and continues to address issues of racism in America.


Conservatives: BLM has nothing to do with the old Civil Rights Movement(9). The three black women who formed BLM were born from an American forum of radical Marxists. Their initiative was based on the belief that white racism is the cause of the injustice in the black communities in the form of police brutality. Of course, the movement and supportive media has not addressed the issue of the number of policeman who have been murdered(10) by blacks in response to BLM propaganda.


  • Conservatives believe that the slogan “black lives matter” doesn’t address the fact that all lives matter. Contrary to BLM, they care very little to what happens to blacks, as evidenced in the inner cities of America. All lives matter in the eyes of conservatives be it color (black, white or brown), heritage (Asian, Hispanic or Oriental) or profession (police, teachers or preachers); in that all individuals are to be treated equality as part of their basic, inherited freedom.


  • The role of corporations, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association and other groups in the financial support and endorsement of BLM impacted the organization negatively in the American community. This viewpoint is based on the subsequent performance of BLM activists in rioting and spreading terrorism throughout the country coupled with the misuse of the millions of dollars raised which are not accountable.


  • Conservatives believe that government and private resources should be directed at the black community to encourage family unity, improved education programs and foster employment opportunities. On the contrary, there is little support from the democratic party to resolve black issues in fact, the democratic cities (Chicago in particular) are the owners of high black crime throughout America


Progressives: The progressive movement in the country began decades ago and was led by liberal democrats. Racial incidents arose and resulted in the formation of protests by left wing groups; notably Antifa and subsequently BLM. Both groups are anti American and have focused on the destruction of America. The financial supporters of the movements are from many unidentified sources which continue to foster their objectives. The BLM Foundation itself in the year 2020 raised more than $90M(11) and a full audit of $60M which remained on hand was not conducted; said to be irregular and improper practice. Expenditures(12) from the fund in the millions for real estate purchased has also been questioned.


  • Marxist elements have dedicated their efforts to the destruction of the family unit. This has principally occurred in the black community itself which has the highest rate of abortion, highest poverty rate and stagnant financial growth. The attack on other communities continues.


  • The death of several black males by the police has demanded the defunding of police and protests which resulted in extreme rioting and terrorism. In the year 2020, millions of dollars in property destruction occurred with little criticism from the liberal/progressive left. Little was said about the impact on communities, employment and loss of services; including black communities. BLM participated in the rioting and rioters apprehended received little justice or accountability.


  • Financial support for BLM was obtained by numerous corporations and charitable organizations in the millions of dollars; predicated on its use to help the black community. BLM was also aided by government officials who advocated raising bail money to provide support for the BLM rioters who were arrested by participating in the riots.


Commentary: Would you support Black Lives Matter in their continued pursuit of justice?

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