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Cancel Culture

The origin of Cancel Culture(13) arose many years ago in limited cases in films and on television where an individual would “cancel” or reject a person as a form of sexist humor. In the last decade the term rose to a level whereby boycotting someone became popular to show disapproval of one’s attitude and to label them as bad. Reasons for cancelling include exposing racism or sexism, to hold people for bad behavior or to force a person to think before they speak. Cancel culture is highly punitive(14) to disagreements based on ideology, consideration of factual inquiries over outrage or personal encounters between words and actions. Although Amendment I of the Constitution advocates the freedom of speech “cancel culture” stifles speech because of the potential retribution, abuse or harm. Cancel Culture is widely practiced in politics, companies, colleges, media and in essence all walks of life.


Conservatives: The United States was founded on the basis of free speech. Anyone can freely express opinions without any regress. A country where its leadership controls all actions and subjugates its people is categorized as an “oligarchy”; a manifestation of cancel culture which is a direction to be avoided at all cost.


  • America is facing a fight for the salvation of the republic which is under siege by the radical liberals and powerful corporations(15) attempting to destroy the country. The “big tech” companies conduct outright shutdowns of conservative speech and even censored (canceled) the 45th President of the United States. Numerous conservatives have been de-platformed from tech sites on the basis of providing misinformation. Attempts to reinstall certain entities are readily impeded.


  • The Declaration of independence and the Constitution state that our inalienable rights to life and liberty come from God and not the government and its subservient big-tech companies. It is time to restore the sovereignty of the American people and remove the left-wing extremists from their power base. Elimination of the cancel culture ideology is necessary to return to free discussions of principles and ideas.


  • Initiatives are underway by individuals to restore freedom of speech. The main effort is the restoration of Twitter by a free speech absolutist(16) who decries that companies have had their accounts locked. Failing to address free speech principles fundamentally undermines America.


Progressives: Cancel culture which flourished by the left as a means to disenfranchise political opponents by ostracizing them. Connotations used in discussions are mostly negative and have a chilling effect against conservatives. The progressive elements are at work in consort with each other to achieve leftist goals. Cancelling individuals allows the left to preach their views without debate or opposition presenting a one-sided story to the public.


  • Big tech companies, specifically Twitter and Facebook, have been a major factor in cancel culture ideology in that they have been locking customer accounts for providing misinformation. The accounts were principally for conservatives or other individuals or groups who had different points of view.


  • The media, mainly newspapers and television have radicalized the concept of racism to the extent that a division has resulted within America. The main television newscasts which project progressive ideology continue to present only one side on all issues. This action represents a cancellation of conservative viewpoints or coverage of events that the left does not want publicized. The public is presented with only a left-wing bias and are not aware of the facts.


  • Major corporations have traditionally avoided participating in social movements, but have now become leaders in such movements(17). Consumer pressures are placed on companies to address social issues through social media or cancel culture. Pressure can be applied by external sources or company employees themselves. On an individual basis, disempowerment by cancellation of a credit card is a typical action. On a broad basis, corporate action to disenfranchise a community event (the All-Star baseball game) because of state election law practices.


Commentary: How would you like to be disenfranchised?

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