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Climate Change or Global Warming

Climate Change(18) is the current designation for the change in weather patterns that exist worldwide; which replaced the former Global Warming designation. The premise of climate change is that greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), are the cause of the increase in surface air temperatures worldwide and are occurring more rapidly than ever before. Speculation is that it is the cause of current weather disasters; floods, hurricanes, drought, etc. Although dire consequences have been forecasted, none of the predicted models(19) created by the alarmist have come true. The opinions of the alarmist and the deniers remains unresolved and the opposing parties have not been encouraged to discuss the climate parameters.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has known(53) for some time that changes in weather patterns are completely natural and normal. It has been reluctant to disclose that the change in the earth’s solar orbit and the earth’s axial tilt are a major contributing factor. NASA has placed less of an emphasis on anthropogenic activity than most climate scientist.


Conservatives: The United States of America is well aware of the issues dealing with the climate. As a result, it has the cleanest air and water worldwide due to its programs over the years. America climate problems are identified and included in budgeting requests. It continues to address problems by advancing technology as the means to correcting problems. It is not understandable why NASA’s findings have not been reported in the media.


  • Climate “deniers” can be represented by conservatives who have questioned the role of carbon emissions in reporting temperature changes. They support scientific studies that question whether the reported rise in global temperatures has been properly measured and reported. The report by NASA would drastically change the division within the country.


  • There is a segment of the scientific community who are supported by financial interests to collect and evaluate data worldwide. Many times, continued research is based on their findings which advocate continued research efforts. The funding is often linked to progressive elites and institutions.


  • There is a group of scientists that oppose the global warming advocates. Their positions on climate change are discounted and ignored. Progressives oppose any discussion with “deniers” leaving the issue without reasonable discourse.


Progressives: The environmental movement has been inspired by the introduction of the Green New Deal(20) or climate change. These groups have used climate change as a means to bring together the major countries of the world to seek solutions on current atmospheric conditions, but little has been resolved in the limited discussions conducted. Many would argue that these actions are motivated by cynical political and financial interests rather than any real concern for the environment. America may be relatively clean because its manufacturing moved overseas, principally China.


  • Progressives believe that the direct cause of climate change are fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal and their use must be eliminated. Political action in the government has been taken in the form of regulatory actions to oppose their production. By 2020, America had achieved a status as the world’s leader in energy production only to have that status decimated by progressive action in the government.


  • The approach suggested to minimize harmful gases is to address the problem worldwide through a global organization. The United States is criticized extensively by the left but the progressives neglect to challenge China and India, which are responsible for most of the world pollution.


  • Progressive attempts to eliminate fossil fuels, particularly gasoline, will drastically impact the transportation industry since suggested alternatives (clean energy sources) are not practical to support them. Furthermore, clean energy will be inadequate to provide the needs of domestic heating and electrical power until technology is advanced in the decades to come.


Commentary: Do you think the largest polluters in the world, China and India, will aggressively approach the problem?

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