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The Constitution of the United States

All Americans recognize the existence of the Constitution created by the founders of our country. However, its legitimacy has been questioned by various entities and its teachings have been eliminated from educational institutions. Thus, the Constitution in many political circles is treated as an old document(19) which is passé. The founders anticipated that if it is not fully understood it would result in its demise; resulting in totalitarian government practices. In today’s society, freedom of speech and individual liberty are being challenged. The viewpoints of the political groups are directly opposite and requie resolution.


Conservatives: The Constitution(4), ratified in 1789, with its Bill of Rights is a unique document which established a democracy defined as a “constitutional republic”; the envy of free world countries. More than 100 countries have modeled their governing documents after the United States.


  • The Constitution has emphasized the natural rights as human beings, free to seek their pursuit of happiness. The Constitution doesn’t grant unlimited rights to people but mainly restricts the government from infringing on their human rights.


  • Government power was limited by checks and balances within the three branches of government; the legislative, the executive and the judiciary. Over the years the Constitution has been breeched in a way that little opposition was generated.


  • Retention of the Constitution as written is a challenge for Republicans and traditional Democrats who oppose changes by progressive elements in the country. For more than two centuries the Constitution has served the function intended by its founders.


Progressives: The progressive factions believe that the Constitution is a document where modifications are needed to keep up with modern times. Changes in the constitution by the Supreme Court over the years have been made without a challenge by constitutionalists. Many Supreme Court actions have supported progressive efforts resulting in the reduction of individual liberty and leading to government overreach.


  • Progressives believe that not enough has been done to change the Constitution and question the value of the Electoral College, voting practices and the diversity of its people.


  • In conjunction with progressive democrats in the congress there are the influences of the left-wing media, oligarchs and corporations all with their self-interests to alter government for their own power and benefits. Progressive democrats believe that “freedom of speech” and the “Secondment Amendment” are not absolute; subject to interpretation and change. Cancel culture is an example of an attack on the freedom of speech.


  • Changes anticipated by the progressives do not support the self-government concept from which the original founders escaped from, but increases movement toward the tyranny which was practiced by Great Britain.


Commentary: Where do you stand on the Constitution generated by our founders?

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