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Defund (or Defend) the Police

The many black homicides that occurred over the decades, principally those by white police action, have prompted protests that have been under the slogan(24) of “defund  the police”. The slogan was popularized in early 2020 as the result of protests over the death of George Floyd. The consequence was the action to reduce police budgets and resources to be replaced with a new community order of protection. In America, the general public was not in support of defunding the police, in fact it instigated action to defend the police. The defunding action has been debated and challenged by politicians of both political parties and in some instances enacted into law. In some cities where an increase in crime became objectionable from defunding actions, governments reversed their position and expressed the need more police resources.


Conservatives: The country was founded on the concept law and order and as a result it has defended law enforcement officers (the police) from the local government to the federal level. The primary responsibility of the police is to enforce the law. The duties of law enforcement are quite broad and expose police officers to a wide range of threatening situations. Unfortunately each year hundreds of police officers lose their lives from various means.


  • Law enforcement maintains the integrity of the community(25) needed to assure adherence to established law. Police patrol assigned areas by foot, with cars, by motorcycle and other means to observe individuals, property and community functions related to adherence to the law.


  • Police provide protection to individuals who do not have the resources to oppose criminal elements encountered in public or in the privacy of their home. They are summoned to investigate disturbances, robberies and issues reported by the public. Where the law is broken, they have the power to arrest and imprison suspects. All police receive training in proper methods of their responsibilities.


  • In cities where the rise in crime became objectionable from defunding the police, governments have reversed their position and expressed the need to refund their budgets for the hiring of new officers. It became apparent that the police are an essential element of a free society where protection is needed to assure compliance to the law. Without law and police protection there is chaos.


Progressives: The progressives have accepted the concept of defunding the police by inaction during the riots in 2020 and by those who consider police as the enemy. Major cities in America took action to reduce police forces and transfer police funding and resources to other government bodies. Many actions where reversed when the crime levels rose from the reduction of police protection.


  • Actually, progressives have advocated the abolishing of police departments since the 1930s. The belief was that the police were rooted in racism and repression particularly in prison environments. Recent appointments of district attorneys have resulted in lenient sentencing of many criminals believing that society has been unjust to many; particularly black individuals. Action has been taken to recall those attorneys where crime has risen.


  • The corollary to less police is the increase in crime throughout the country, as instigated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, resulting in property destruction in the millions of dollars and loss of life. The riots of 2020 were overlooked by progressives, including the media, who excused the rioting as their reaction to oppression in America.


  • A major adjunct to defunding the police is the reduction or elimination of bail requirements, many criminals are released from police retention to immediately resume their illegal activities. Some cities allow criminal activity up to a certain dollar value without arrest or prosecution. The new dilemma is the control of “crash and bag” robberies which are glossed over by progressives.


Commentary: Are you for defunding or defending the police?

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