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Our Democracy

A true democracy is defined(26) as a form of government where the people decide legislation typically by a majority vote of fifty-one percent. Unfortunately, this form of democracy leaves the other forty-nine percent disenfranchised and at the mercy of the majority. America’s Democracy is actually a “constitutional republic” that passes legislation, including laws(27), which are created by representatives who are elected by the people and directed to do so. Republican governments employ a written constitution for the protection of individual freedom and liberty. In America, this is done by adhering to its laws and utilizing courts to adjudicate impasses. Our form of democracy is modeled by countries throughout the world. Unfortunately, the interpretation of the constitution has varied by representatives of both the Republican and Democratic parties which has created diverse opinions and actions. Both parties have accused each other of attempting to destroy “Our Democracy” without providing specifics.


Conservatives: In general, the conservative republicans strongly adhere to the Constitution of the United States and its tenets and laws. The basic tenets include freedom of speech, equality, voting rights, liberty and freedom to seek their pursuit of happiness. The protection of these tenets is aided by the three branches of government (executive, legislative and Judicial) which act as checks and balance to limit majority rule in the protection of the minority.


  • Our laws established within the constitution distinguishes America as a constitutional republic and are utilized to assure the minority in the country is treated fairly. A democracy must maintain law and order for its citizens to obtain the rewards of freedom and liberty. Support of those trained in law enforcement is a mainstay of the conservative movement as exemplified by the motto to “defend the police”.


  • Law and order are administered by those trained in methods of law enforcement and crime prevention and detection. Emphasis is placed on protection of the individual and property. Associated with the law is the judicial system with judges assigned the administer justice. Several levels of jurisprudence are available to all citizens, ultimately leading to the Supreme Court.


  • Our democracy as practiced by conservative elements in the country is based on love of God and country. They stand for the principles of honesty and decency and support of the family as the critical path toward salvation.



Progressives: The progressive elements in America view our constitution and its directives in a less rigid manner than conservative republicans in that they do not adhere to many of them and demand drastic changes. This is based on the socialistic principles which have been introduced into many facets of our daily lives. They demand freedom based on their authoritarian viewpoints. If you don’t agree with their viewpoints, you are a racist. If you disagree with their failed positions, the blame is placed on others.


  • Issues of not enforcing our laws exist. Most outrageous is the hundreds of thousands of immigrants are allowed into the country and distributed throughout the states without COVID 19 restrictions, valid background checks and advisement to state entities. Other law issues include threats to pack the Supreme Court, attempts at eliminating the Senate filibuster, eliminating the Electoral College, defunding the police and critical race theory practices.


  • Progressives throughout the country demanded “defunding of the police”. Many progressive cities did so which resulted in chaos. The riots in the 2020 year destroyed millions of dollars in property and many homicides assisted by influences of the radical Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Progressive elements did little to stem the destruction in the cities which impacted thousands of American citizens.


  • The love of country is not a mantra of the left. In fact, the progressives act in a manner which is destroying the framework of the country. They abhor religion and right to life, advocate appeasement of our enemies, support the abolition of ICE, encourage woke mentality, practice out of control spending and the list goes on and on. When progressives don’t get their way, they violate the law to obtain it. The most outrageous example is allowing the millions of immigrants allowed to enter the country.


Commentary: Both parties claim that the other is destroying “Our Democracy”. Who do you think is correct?

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