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Formal education has been the foundation of learning for centuries although teaching formats have changed as societies evolved, leading to today’s complex learning centers. The school became the cornerstone of basic education since parents had limited skills to transmit comprehensive knowledge. The family is responsible for raising their children and transmitting moral values and social behavior tenets in their growth to adulthood. This element is the parent’s primary function at birth until the child is ready for formal education. In the complex world of today(88) the question of educational directions becomes extremely important. Traditional scholars challenge the progressive teachings that is ingrained at all levels of education.


Conservatives: Opposing progressive changes introduced in current curriculum, conservatives support the basics of learning in the form of reading, writing and arithmetic. It has been shown that reading skills are paramount in digesting all knowledge since it is primarily provided in text format. Of the basic three, arithmetic is the second essential skill in all of one’s dealings with managing finances and business interface. Needless to say, that expressing one’s viewpoint is best done in written format and demonstrates one’s level of intelligence. These fundamentals never change and are essential for all in aspects of early education. With proficient fundamentals and a desire for learning, one may embark on achieving success in all aspects of life.


  • From Pre-K to high school graduation all the basic skills are presented to students for their benefit of living a productive life. It is the family’s responsibility to assure that students attend class regularly and obtain the maximum output based on their capability. Today’s challenge in early education deals with questionable curriculum introduced by school boards without parent knowledge. The topics of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Gender Ideology are opposed by parents and challenged at school board meetings, only to be the recipients of scorn. The programs harm school children and creates havoc in the community. Instead of fostering friendship with parents, the system promotes deception.


  • The progressive curriculum and its principles, supported by the National Education Association (NEA), is the challenge presented by the local school boards financed by community taxes. It is common practice for school boards to adopt progressive curriculum without parents’ knowledge and advise children not to divulge what is presented to their parents. These tactics have presented parents with serious alternatives. These include use of charter schools, private schools and home school programs; with local funding used for their activity. The return with emphasis on the 3Rs would resolve this national impasse.


  • Collegiate educational systems have been monopolized by progressive/socialist professors. Conservatives believe in free speech and the rational exchange of ideas and viewpoints that are opposed by the faculty and students. At exorbitant admission costs, students undergo a type of brainwashing and carry progressive principles back into the workplace after graduation.


Progressives: The socialistic movement led by the progressive democrats believe that the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic are essential to education, but, are out to disrupt the American format. The introduction of CRT(89) is intended to divide the country and instill socialistic practices from universities to the Pre-K level. The movement is currently well ingrained at all levels of education.


  • Most universities are governed by progressive professors and its hierarchy to a degree that conservative leaning individuals are ostracized. Many conservative speakers scheduled for an appearance are disrupted by students and canceled. Students are indoctrinated into progressive viewpoints on climate change, white supremacy and opposition to free speech debates on campus. The latest involvement is the CRT principle of equity where admission, for example, to medical school is centered on race and not intelligence.


  • High school is the breeding ground for citizenship and preparation for life’s venture. But the universities progressive actions have filtered down to the high school level and provides the staging ground for socialism.


  • Elementary school throughout America has been challenged by parents in that they have not been provided details on curriculum, principally transgender(90) sex education. Challenges made by parents have resulted in opposition by government officials and some parents have been labeled as terrorists. What is at stake in education is the system assuming the responsibilities of the parent, as employed in totalitarian countries.


Commentary: What is you position of the progressive domination in education?

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