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Faith and Religion

Faith and religion go hand in hand in that faith(30) may be referred to “a confident belief in truth” or “a belief and trust in God”. The Declaration of Independence(3) states that “all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator”; referring to the “Laws of Nature” and of “Nature’s God” which set the stage for America. Other religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism no doubt have elements of faith. The entire subject of “Faith and Religion” is a study in itself and can be debated endlessly; but what is important is its relevance to America and the moral and cultural war that has been underway for decades.


Conservatives: The settlers of America were escaping the domination of the King of England to avoid his dictates and to assert their belief in God and freedom of religion. The subsequent foundation of the Constitution formed by the early founders was based on Christian principles and its faith, which are integrated in the content. Judeo/Christian(31) traditions, a term emphasized since the 1950s, shaped the thoughts that affected the conservative political issues.


  • A belief in God actually causes one to think differently about political issues including morality, truth, adoption, charitable contributions, divorce and suicide. These principles(17) are used to legislate government action for the betterment of the country, state, community and the people therein. Over the years religion has been gradually removed from politics by progressive counterparts and has influenced moral values. One must embrace love not hate for salvation of the country.


  • The marriage of one man and one woman has been the building block of the family unit since the beginning of time. It encourages both parents to become better people and focus on raising their children. The Christian values based on truth are learned from adolescence and become the foundation of their growth. The large number of one-parent families has been detrimental to their off springs due to poor parental support.


  • Western civilization, which bred Christianity, was founded on its faith in terms of trust, confidence and assurance. It is faith coupled with religion and its God that provided for the growth of America; both of which have been under attack by Marxism for the last few decades. Both government and the churches in America continue to be challenged for their existence.


Progressives: Far-left elements despise traditional religious values since they represent an alternate source of authority with deep convictions and obedience. In the western world Marxism has been the source of opposition to religion since it impeded its attempt to control the working class. This quest for power is the basis of opposition by progressives for the moral and social influences encompassed with the current establishment.


  • The denunciation of religion by progressives extends to all parts of life, from early childhood education to colleges and to the corporate world. There is a basic belief that organized religion causes hatred and oppresses people. They are the proponents of abortion, sexual immorality, and other traits unacceptable to conservatives. To progressives, the opposing views within the Bible are treated as hate speech.


  • Many elements in the country are influenced by the communist belief that religion is the greatest force for advancing democracy. By following the religious path, one would receive retribution from political elites, cultural elites and corporate entities through their “religion of woke-ism”. The radical left has influenced all sectors of society to advance their opposition to basic religion. Progressives acknowledge that western civilization cannot exist without religion.


  • The progressive left wing believes in religion, but their religion is “politics” and their church is the “government”. The façade presented by attending conventional Christian church services is to generate acceptance by their followers not aware of their real intent. Marxism has played a major role in the fostering the progressive movement.


Commentary: Do you believe that religion benefits the country and its constituents?

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