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The basic, traditional family are a group of individuals, one male and one female, united by marriage forming social positions as parents with children. It may only encompass the marriage pair but in reality, a family entails the parent-child relationship(73) and not just the individual relationship of the marriage partners. This type of family which usually lives in a separate and private dwelling is typically known as the nuclear family. In addition, in most cultures the family was dominated by the male or termed patriarchal. Industrialization in the west resulted in many changes in the family structure. The move from farms to urban centers led to the dissolution of the nuclear family. The modern family that exists today is based on equality between the sexes resulting in the breakdown of the traditional family many of which are one-parent households. Other groupings as same-sex marriage has also impacted the structure of and definition of the family.


Conservatives: The nuclear family concept is promoted by conservatives although practiced by a smaller percentage of Americans in today’s society. The conservative view of the family includes the extended family(74) which may include grandparents, aunts, uncles cousins and the spouse of biological children. All are independent and share responsibilities in spite of problems that may occur with the intergenerational relationships.


  • The premise of the nuclear family is that the father is the principal figure, typically the bread winner. The mother’s principal role is bearing children and mostly involved in their initial upbringing. Both parents provide for their overall education and moral development as influenced by religion and their God.


  • Both the nuclear and the extended family provide for the overall safety at home. The extended family benefits with the interface of all parties, their guidance and support in daily activities. Most important is the guidance needed for the basic development of the children. Their education is most important for a mature transition into adulthood with the skills needed to become independent. Career planning is also essential with the advice of family members.


  • Conservatives are aware of economic needs in today’s society and the contribution of mothers in providing financial support where needed. The role of parents and children require adjustment in these circumstances. The influence of pressures in todays society place a greater demand on both parents as experienced through the children. There is greater challenges to those who work outside(75) the nuclear family, i.e., single parent homes, those engulfed in poverty and those with troubled siblings.


Progressives: The progressive movement opposes the concept of the nuclear family and believes that “it takes a village”(76) to raise a child. This stems from the Marxist theory to destroy God and the family and rely on the state for raising the children. It removes the father as the dominant force in the family which is intended to protect the family from outside sources.


  • The role of women in the family, as depicted on television, has moved aside the weak male and influenced the concept of the family. It portrays the concept that men are not needed, as portrayed in the one-parent family typically led by the mother. Same-sex marriage has also decimated the basic concept of the family along with adoptions. Other forms of family, e.g., polygamous and monogamous are stepping stones to a totalitarian state.


  • The progressive influences in the cities principally inhabited by black Americans has been disastrous. Democratic progressives have destroyed the black family most of which are one-parent households led by an unmarried mother. They are totally dependent on the government for their existence. Another factor has been the support of Planned Parenthood encouraging abortions. The net result is poverty, poor education and significant criminal activity.


  • The most egregious influence on the family is led by progressives who have introduced by Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology into the elementary school curriculum. Indoctrination of the programs is done without parental knowledge in the belief that the school has the right. Severe opposition has has arisen and legal actions are underway to counter the progressive actions which is intended to destroy the family.


Commentary: Do you agree with the progressive influences on the family?

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