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Gender Ideology

Gender ideology basically involves the behavior(32) and actions of boys and girls as well as men and women. In early childhood, the looks, dress and behavior are influenced by interaction with one’s peers. For those having a feeling of adverse gender identity may encounter discrimination. More importantly, gender ideology(33) stems from gender dysphoria which exists in a minute percentage of the population. It is a feeling of discomfort in a person’s biological sex. The condition is not new and has existed for many years and typically begins in early childhood. It is a feeling that a boy or girl will feel that he or she is in the wrong body. The confliction today is whether to treat the child medically or leave the individual alone; basically, treat the symptoms gradually and gracefully.


Conservatives: The focus on the nuclear family is a main attribute for conservatives especially in the context of religion. Conservatives believe the family is the overseer of issues dealing with gender ideology and the introduction of sexual education. Issues encountered in early childhood education should be handles by the child’s parents for resolution.


  • Conservative believe that the truth of gender ideology is being abused by the progressives. The dangers of treatments are minimized and the benefits of them exaggerated. Activists are teaching kids that there are many genders and they can freely decide their own. The family’s health care provider is the best approach in the evaluation of potential dysphoria.


  • Conservatives believe in the biological definition of a boy and girl as identified by genitalia and sex assigned at birth. Complicate gender issues at an early age may lead to psychological problems; principally dysphoria. A mental health professional may minimize problems that could occur.


  • Many adults believe that physical changes made in adolescent years have affected their sexuality. Problems that have occurred in adulthood are numerous particularly for those who have undergone drastic surgery early in life. On the other hand, those who transitioned into adulthood without drastic medical treatment have learned to accept their status and continue their life.


Progressives: The progressive movement advocates that the dysphoric child be treated immediately which has resulted in the “transgender movement”. Many progressives advocate medical treatment(34) for those having an assigned gender and an inner gender identity. Features termed as secondary, sex characteristics that play a role in behavior include voice, facial hair or breast size.


  • Currently, when progressives encounter a dysphoric child, they do not leave the child alone but immediately label the child as “transgender”. They also teach sex to children who have no idea of wheat sex is. They may also be directed to therapists or doctors who are willingly aid in medical transition approaches.


  • Initial medical treatment includes puberty blockers which halt normal, healthy puberty development. The treatment may affect sexual characteristics as menstruation in girls, among other medical issues. Other radical procedures performed such as mastectomy and castration may have detrimental effects in later life.


  • Elementary educational organizations invoke sex education from nursery school to grade school without parent consent and encourage the children not to inform their parents. Promoting transgenderism at all educational levels has led to a major issue of transgender men competing in women’s sports. The anti-gender(35) movement, which arose in the 2012-2013, involves transgender rights and other concepts including opposition to same-sex marriage and strong challenges to the gender ideology concepts.


Commentary: Do you believe that a parent has right to know what a child is being taught in early childhood education?


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