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America First

The term American First was an early American policy(61) stance that emphasized nationalism and non-involvement in policies of other nations. The term was also used by racial groups within America in the early 1900s based on xenophobic sentiment and in later years associated with fascism and antisemitic bigotry. The first prominent use of the term evolved from the American neutral stance during World War I and subsequently against involvement in World War II. Public sentiment was strong in America until Pearl Harbor which resulted in a major change. The country supported a foreign policy in that America needed a strong military and a strategic bomber force to deter foreign aggression. The recent promotion of American First was introduced by President Trump(62) which emphasized disengagement of America from global politics and criticism of our allies believed to be taking advantage of our country. President Trump’s views were opposed by the elites of the country who began a campaign to disenfranchise his presidency. Although challenged, even prior to President Trump’s election, he was able to propel the America First policy forward for the benefit of the country.

Conservatives: The principles founded in the constitution and the evolved capitalist system are the basis of the conservative movement. Upon inauguration, President Trump announced the “America First” initiative. Although his political affiliation was not quite evident, he enacted his capitalistic and business techniques, encompassing common sense, to lead the country. His actions were immediately opposed by the so-call “deep state” or the elitist in America and around the world. In spite of the obstacles placed in front of the president, his initial goals were achieved.

•    On the world stage President Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord(63) saving trillions in reduced output dollars. The President’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO), an elitist supported entity, was based on the significant influence that China had on its performance. President Trump’s challenge to European NATO participants to increase their financial support resulted in billions of revenues lessening the burden on America. His actions to eliminate and remake trade practices led to a revitalized America. A major accomplishment were the tariffs placed on China, a first which resulted in billions in revenue.

•    President Trump recognized the value of its natural resources and embarked on a direction to maximize America’s position in the world. The development of energy resources, principally fossil fuels, was a major goal. Within three years, America became a leader in energy with the distinction of being energy independent(64), i.e. the production of more energy than it uses, the first in 62 years. Exploration reveal that America had many years of reserves. America had more resources than that of Saudi Arabia and Russia combined. The resulting drop in oil prices enabled President Trump to replenish the domestic, strategic oil supply and at a bargain price.

•    The America First movement was pursued by President Trump with the signature of Make America Great Again (MAGA). America became the signing light around the world as the economy returned to the American soil with industry expansions, record employment, record wages and record stock market highs. Jobs for minorities, women and the youth of the country resulted in record unemployment in those categories. President Trump was able to provide a southern border which was more secure by building a wall. During his presidency many constitutional oriented federal judges were appointed including two at the Supreme Court. The conservative, capitalistic concepts were instrumental in proving why America has been the leader in the world. Although the COVID virus impacted the economy President Trump was able to achieve major milestones in combating the disease.

Progressives: At the 2021 inaugural address of President Biden, he promised to unite the country for the benefit of all its people. However, in the first days of his tenure President Biden initiated divisive actions to reverse many of the initiatives that President Trump incorporated. The first and most destructive was the elimination of Keystone XL Pipeline and drilling ventures initiated by President Trump. This resulted in significant economic downturn in the country which impacted the America First concept leading to an America Last script.

•    President Biden’s new progressive/socialistic stance on energy, led by the climate change culture, resulted in the approach to eliminate all fossil fuels; oil, natural gas and coal. They expected that in time they would be replaced by renewable sources, principally wind power, solar power and enhanced battery technology. Immediately gasoline and diesel oil prices soared from under $2 per gallon to over $5 per gallon and higher. The economic impact of these fuel prices created inflation which impacted food production, retail prices, utility costs and the economy throughout. A remedy to restore America’s energy was discarded by the administration. It is believed to be foolish to sit on decades of energy sources than solicit oil from foreign countries at exorbitant prices which will only continue to destroy the economy of America, impoverish its middleclass and reduce the status of America worldwide. There is no evidence that renewal resources of wind and solar will support the energy needs of the country and the world; the claim based on fraudulent studies of climate change(19) advocates.

•    Against much opposition, President Trump devoted three years in activity to build 500 miles of secure wall along the southern border based on requirements of the U.S. Border Patrol. When President Biden took office with the wall almost compete, he immediately stopped all construction and allowed many sectors to remain open enabling foreigners to enter America. The claims that the “border is secure” by the Vice President and Department of Homeland Security (DHHS) was unreasonable. In the first two years of President Biden’s presidency more than four million foreigners have entered America and were dispersed throughout the country, most without any COVID screening. Besides those documented foreigners, thousands entered without detection and are suspected to contain terrorists. More immediately destructive was the entry of fentanyl drugs which in the first year of the open border over 100,00 thousand of Americans died due to overdoses. So much for the protection of America by the progressives.

•    The President Biden administration has continued to destroy America from within and in foreign dealings. The progressive New World Order advocates coupled with rival China ventures reveal the threat to America. Most are quite evident and include: the military buildup of China’s forces and its threat to Taiwan, the inane Woke philosophy introduced in the United States Military at all levels, the purchase of fertile land in America by China some of which are adjacent to military bases, continued oil dependence from foreign sources coupled with the depletion of America’s strategic oil reserves, excessive government spending on inconsequential projects resulting in excessive borrowed indebtedness, continued influence peddling by China within America for critical national information and technology and many other topics which are ignored by the progressive America Last elitists.

Commentary: Is there any doubt that America First is a better policy for our country.


Conservatives: Formal immigration is considered by conservatives a benefit to America and acceptance is obtained by issuance of a Green Card which identifies one as a temporary resident. To immigrate into America, one must formally apply by identifying the country of origin, family history, available skills and the reason for the request. Acceptance is based on America’s need of individual characteristics and skills that would benefit the country. Those not meeting the requirement are naturally refused.


  • Conservatives believe in closed borders and each immigrant entering shall be apprehended and officially processed according to existing laws. Immediate deportation is mandatory for repeat offenders, criminals, drug operatives, MS-13 members and for other criminal activity. A greater concern is for terrorists whose main goal is the inflict harm upon America. The Trump administration, with much opposition from progressive legislators, completed most of a wall to deter entry; only to be immediately halted by the President Biden administration.


  • Conservatives also advocate the investigation of illegals residing in the country. Systems are advocated to distinguish between legal and illegal workers. Consideration also needs to be given to immediate family members of skilled workers residing in the country. Another consideration is for refugees on asylum issues. Some immigrants pose serious issues for the well-being of America.


  • The value of legal immigration is evident in the individuals who have applied, have gone through the educational process and have manifested their love for America. Their accomplishments are not readily published but are occasionally presented for public awareness.


Progressives: The current philosophy of the progressive movement under President Biden is to completely open the southern border of America while the northern border entry is restricted and Cuban migrants arriving by water are immediately returned. The immigrants from the southern border are from all over the world totaling a few million under the Biden administration. The individual is documented, released and requested to attend a government hearing before permanent entry is approved; attendance of which is rarely completed. The progressive goal is to assimilate immigrants within the population to support their agenda.


  • Entry through the southern border consists of all types of young men and women, families, unattended children, criminals and terrorists. Most arrive at the border with the assistance of cartels in Mexico having little personal belongings or resources and few are physically tested for health issues. Immigrants are provided meager supplies and are transported by the federal government to locations throughout America for assimilation.


  • Immigrants are an immediate drain on the American economy in the they are in need of housing, food, medical attention and education. Local communities are forced to provide services which strain local facilities and budgets. They provide cheap labor which benefits the upper class and weakens the middle class economically.


  • The progressive open border policy has allowed many immigrants to avoid detection upon entry and are free to roam the country. Many immigrants on the government’s terrorist watch list have been apprehended and processed accordingly. However, thousands of immigrants are known to have entered, by-passing detection by the authorities. They pose a serious threat which appears to be of little concern to the administration’s leaders. The other aspect that is neglected is the quantity of drugs, principally Fentanyl, which has resulted in more than 100,000 deaths in year 2021. The Border Patrol continues to seize large amounts of all drugs, which appears to be of little interest to the progressives in office.


Commentary: Do you think all borders should be completely closed?

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