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Keystone XL Pipeline

The United States of America has an incredible amount of oil and gas reserves in many of the states, particularly Alaska. In 2019, the country reached a point where it became independent of world oil and was an exporter for the first time in 74 years. This accomplishment was achieved through innovations and expansion of distribution as directed by President Trump. A major agreement(37) with Canada established the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline to enhance distribution of crude oil from Canada to refineries in America; eliminating the over the road approaches. The change in administration in 2020 resulted in the immediate halt to the pipeline construction and curtailment of many drilling operations. The net result was the loss of our independent oil status and a need to import foreign oil, resulting in an immediate rise in oil prices directly impacting the economy. The action of President Biden has resulted in high inflation that is partially attributed to the shortage of oil and natural gas. The conservative and progressive viewpoints on energy are directly opposite leading to little chance of a compromise.


Conservatives: Exploration of oil and gas for economic purposes is a conservative approach in support of the country. An agreement was made with the Canadian Government to deliver crude oil from Canada to the oil facilities located on the southern borders of the United States for refining. In spite of the achievement by President Trump in obtaining the independence of foreign oil the XL Pipeline would have further enhanced the capability of America, with the possible further reduction in gasoline prices.


  • The claim that shipment of oil by pipeline is a safe, clean and less costly mode of transportation was the impetus for the construction. Transportation by motor vehicle or railroad were prone to accidents with severe environmental impact. The decision to close the XL Pipeline(38) with possible closure of others was a favorable approach of progressive democrats.


  • The progressive viewpoint is that renewable energy sources to replace oil and gas are adequate to fulfill current needs. This is not sustainable in that solar and wind sources are not reliable at times due to calm weather periods and the absence of clouds. The energy needed to power industry, homes, automobiles, trucks, and public transportation without fossil fuels will impact the lifestyle of most Americans.


  • Progressives claim that America’s climate change is a critical issue(19) and that it should direct its effort to work with other world leaders to combat change through the elimination of fossil fuels. Climate change has occurred ever since meteorologic data has been recorded and is believed to be primarily derived by natural causes. Climate scientists do not currently agree about the role of human activity or carbon emissions on climate change. China and India are the major polluters and apparently have little interest in correcting their problems. Climate change actions prompted by the elimination of fossil fuels is one approach by the progressives to support global control of all countries is by international elites.


Progressives: The elimination of the pipeline project in 2021 by President Biden reversed the policy of the previous administration. Besides the elimination of the XL Pipeline, leases to many drilling facilities were cancelled, most notably the new finds in Alaska. The goal of the new administration was to eliminate all fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal) and replace them with clean energy sources; principally solar and wind. This approach was taken with no apparent plan presented. The latest action has disrupted the American economy drastically with little optimism for recovery.


  • The leaders of the past three democratic administrations have advocated the elimination of fossil duels. The first was related to the retrofitting of electrical power plants by demanding stricter air emissions through investment in equipment that would eventually force closure due to meager profits. The second was a direct assault on the coal industry with a promise to shut plants directly, which currently provide the fuel for generating electrical power. The third was the edict by President Biden to do away with all fossil fuels.


  • The elimination of the XL Pipeline project resulted in the loss of thousands of high paying construction and support jobs with no provisions for immediate reemployment. This also left the Canadian oil reserve is a position to find a new customer for its crude oil; needless to say, China which is in need for its large population.


  • The impact of fossil fuel elimination is routinely ignored by progressives. The immediate rise in gasoline prices to the highest level in forty years impacts the average American drastically. The high rise in fuel costs for transportation and services has led to very high prices for food, not seen in years. Progressives prompt the populous to buy electric vehicles which are out of the reach of most Americans, leaving them to suffer high gasoline prices. Also, wind and solar will never replace the energy needed to support our infrastructure, manufacturing and the defense industry.


Commentary: Do you see the need to continue drilling for oil and gas?

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