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Law and Order

Since the founding of America law and order has been an issue that dealt with the establishment of a compilation of laws and a justice system such that any person shall not be denied equal protection under the law. From the era of Jesse James(39) to Al Capone to the New York City bombings defiance of the law was a major obstacle to the well-being of individuals within the country. From the late 1900s to the 21st century, law and order has been an important issue due to organized crime, other criminal elements and foreign terrorists. The progressive movement which originated in the 1900s has dramatically influenced the laws in America to the point where it has divided the country. It has seriously impacted law and order, particularly as demonstrated by the rioting, murder and property destruction in the year 2020 and ongoing efforts to defund the police. Both parties are at an impasse on how to cope with this dilemma. Conservatives advocate strong law enforcement and oppose the weakness of law and order advocated by the progressives.


Conservatives: The conservative movement strongly advocate that the American government abide by the principles established in the Constitution and as advocated by “States Rights” guides. Laws must be adhered to in order to maintain the peace and tranquility in America. Law enforcement(40) and the justice system has been established to achieve these objectives. The view of conservatives is to defend the police.


  • The Constitution sets the stage for maintaining law and order. The elected representatives of the people are directed by their constituents to generate laws for their benefit. Laws are to be adhered to by the populous. Those elements within the government, either republican or democrat must be held to this belief. Challenges to unlawful activity may be challenged in the courts, which is a major attribute of our republic.


  • The counterpoint to defund the police is to defend the police. Conservatives have always advocated a strong, local police presence(41) as well as a federal authority available for local and national emergencies. Support of the police through adequate funding is fundamental. Police should be dedicated to enhancing community safety and demonstrating a general concern for public welfare,


  • The cities of America are engulfed in crime, notably of robbery and homicide. Conservatives believe that the culture must be changed to eradicate this threat, with family and community being key elements. America is at a point where self-defense has become a new norm, as evidenced in the large purchase of firearms since the 2020 riots. Progressive cities have not adopted conservative principles of education and employment as a solution to juvenile delinquency and crime.


Progressives: The progressive approach to law and order is completely opposite to that of the citizenship, who are the victims of most crime cases. The current philosophy is to be lenient on criminals through bail reduction or elimination and releasing criminals back on the streets. Liberal district attorneys and judges both are ignoring established law and past practices leading to disorder in the community. Efforts in the past decade to label police as racist and white supremacists has contributed to serious issues in our democracy. Without the police there is no law and order only chaos.


  • The movement to defund the police by progressive elements has resulted in a significant rise in crime throughout the country; particularly in the cities. Less policemen means less enforcement and more crime. Criminals are more aggressive and have increased looting via “smash and grab” approaches by large groups. Some communities encountering these activities have reversed their position and began to rehire policemen.


  • The most egregious act of progressives is to ignore the activities(42) of Antifa and Black Lives Mater. These extremist groups participated in the 2020 riots and were instigators of rioting across several cities. The looting and firebombing of facilities, including the burning of a police station, were treated as peaceful protests by select media. They ignored millions of dollars in property damage, the loss of life and the damage to the infrastructure of our major cities. Many of those businesses affected were owned by minorities. Needless to say, that of the thousands of individuals arrested, very few saw the inside of a jail because of progressive oversight.


  • A major initiative of progressives is to attack the Second Amendment in that the right to bear arms is not an individual right. This is the result of gun violence which has persisted since the country was founded. Instead of addressing the individual who commits the crime with illegal firearms, the progressives are attempting to remove all guns from the hands of the decent citizens, many of which use firearms to protect themselves; particularly from home invasion. Also, if a crime is committed with a gun, they should insist on severe jail time instead of leniency.


Commentary: What are your plans if your home is invaded?

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