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New World Order or Globalism

New World Order (NWO) has been considered a conspiracy theory(43) in that there is an elite, authoritarian group focused on forming a world government; directed at replacing sovereign nation states. The theory became popular around at the turn of the 21th century. The term Globalism(44) has also been used to pursue the colonization of countries from all corners of the globe; the net result being comparable to NWO. Concepts of this type are led by so called globalists. The term globalism first came into use in the United States in the 1940s. More specific new world order action was taken in the United Nations (UN) in 1992 designated as Agenda 21(45). President George H. W. Bush was one of 178 world signatories to sign this non-binding action plan. Agenda 21 was planned to be implemented independently within each signatory country. Activists believed that the action was a UN plot to subjugate humanity under totalitarian rule, rooted in environmentalists’ ideology. The UN established a list of Sustainable Development Goals(46) developed in 2015 which are to be obtained by 2030; designated as the 2030 Agenda. The World Economic Forum(47) (WEF), led by major globalist interests is also committed to improving the state of the world under control of elitist leaders.


Conservatives: The conservative movement is opposed to the NWO and all its counterparts since all are based on a global elite controlling all aspects of life. Individual liberty and freedom are not elements of the elitist; thus, the Declaration of Independence and America’s Constitution become obsolete in a world-dominated society. The conservative focus is based on nationalism, where America is first and is not subordinate to any world body.


  • Nationalists believe in land ownership by citizens as opposed to Globalist theories which deny property rights and undermine the sovereignty of citizens. The anti-globalism initiative was apparent in the late 2010s when President Trump initiated the “America First” policy, which had mixed reaction worldwide. Besides the global elites, attacks against President Trump were initiated(48) by the Democrat Party, the media and power brokers within the so-called “deep state”. The president was a threat to all the progressives domestically and worldwide.


  • Agenda 21 practices were accepted through UN adoption in 1992. Both federal and state level discussions were underway to implement the goals of the UN; principally with discussions on how to better utilize land. One direction was to consolidate people in large housing units, eliminating the large acreage used by wealthy individuals. The federal government directed attention to transportation initiatives to remove vehicles from the roadway. Fortunately, these two initiatives were challenged by communities and little headway was made. A slight decline in Agenda 21 efforts prevailed until the new diversion “climate change” was introduced; a topic which has been challenged by conservatives.


  • The opposition to NWO practices in America resides with conservative republicans in the Congress. Opposition to the progressive practices need to be enhanced in the 2022 and 2024 election cycles to combat the elitist actions. The cultural elites have made great strides with the use of financial resources throughout America. What is needed is a rekindling of the “Make America Great Again” movement to reverse the NWO direction instituted by the 2020 democratic administration.


Progressives: The first movement toward globalism within the United States originated in the post-1940s debates when the United States was an established military power. The view of the postwar world envisioned a global capitalistic order based on the greatest economic power the world had ever known. In the years that followed, the progressive focus in both political parties began the process of anti-capitalist initiatives throughout the country. The economic forces within the country were well established to influence all phases of American life toward the values of the so-call left wing or socialistic ventures. The impact was not quite apparent until the last two decades.


  • Subsequent to the signatory by president Bush, the program was supported by progressives in congress. Nancy Pelosi, in the House of Representatives generated Resolution 353 a plan to implement Agenda 21. Although Agenda 21 practices in America, termed “sustainable development”, were not considered law, they were implemented to some degree in many communities. The UN subsequently established Agenda 2030, which contains Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) designed to achieve a better future for all. Of the 17 goals developed they include clean energy, climate action, peace and economic growth.


  • Progressive efforts continue under the banner of climate change. Efforts to eliminate fossil fuels to be replaced by wind and solar energy may lead to serious energy shortages throughout the world. The globalists are the instigators in this process. Another initiative underway is the control of pandemics by the World Health Organization (WHO) who will dictate policy for every country on the planet. America too would be directed to combat any disease or virus at the behest of the WHO.


  • As with progressive governments, the corporate world is doing its part to disenfranchise the businesses of America. Large conglomerates continue to expand their dominance of small business. They are oligarchs positioned to control economics, culture and individual behavior.


Commentary: What kind of country do you want to live in?

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