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Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary cities(49) rose in prominence during the massive, illegal immigration that has been occurring in America. The general practice is the acceptance and support of immigrants by local authorities unless they pose a problem to the community. Many immigrants are apprehended by police for low-level crimes. The arrest information is imputed into a federal data base and shared with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency. A dilemma arises because individuals not being documented isn’t a crime leaving police with limitations on their detention. Local police can release an immigrant in spite of a hold request by ICE. Thus, many immigrants are released and become either a financial burden or a threat to the community. ICE is less effective because of the actions within sanctuary cities.


Conservatives: Obviously, conservatives believe each immigrant is required to report to a government office to be evaluated and reviewed as to their status in the country. Until their process date they are free to travel the country. Thus, illegal immigrants in an arrest scenario may be a future threat to the safety of law enforcement and the community and need to be vetted. The main reason is the threat by terrorist, criminals, cartel members and MS-13 members. All immigrants arrested need to be vetted by ICE regardless of the crime committed for detention or deportation.


  • ICE has been designated as the organization for investigating illegal immigrants to assure that their existence adheres to federal laws. Without the cooperation of local authorities in sanctuary cites, the effectiveness of ICE is impeded. Most important is that criminal elements be deported to their country of origin.


  • ICE has the role in law enforcement whereby it can arrest and detain individuals not having committed a crime but merely being undocumented. Progressive cities and other equivalent communities who do not cooperate with ICE in addressing the immigration issues do a disservice to the local residents.


  • Sanctuary cities with excessive immigration encounter the burden of supporting them since most arrive in America with little or no resources. Financial support for housing, medical care, and education are born by the city, state or supporting entity who subsequently seek federal assistance. This burden is subsequently imposed unfairly on all tax-paying citizens.


Progressives: The progressives advocate open borders without proper vetting of individuals and allowing immigrants to be distributed throughout America, principally into sanctuary cities or so-called safe cities, to await formal processing. Little control of their whereabouts is maintained and records indicate that only a small percentage contact federal authorities as requested, thus avoiding America’s laws. The net result is an illegal population of immigrants which remain in limbo; waiting for a change in the law for citizenship. This process ignores all those foreigners who have applied for entry and are

relegated to the so-called “back of the line”.


  • The main reason for encouraging immigration is cheap labor. Immigrant entry is also a means to establish a large base of individuals to process for citizenship; eventually enhancing the democratic agenda of controlling by a large voting base. Evidently, these individuals are placed in front of those applying for immigration legally.


  • To preclude the potential deportation of immigrants from the country they are directed to so-called safe locations where their apprehension is minimized. Local authorities have their actions limited by legal technicalities which aid immigrants.


  • Although sanctuary cities have existed over the last century, the number of cities adopting policies(50) has largely increased in the last few decades. More than 600 sanctuary jurisdictions now exist and are principally in progressive states and supported by elements of the progressive movement. The largest safe cities identified include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Jose, Columbus, San Francisco, Seattle and Denver; who’s governance is primarily by democratic administrations.


Commentary: What we need are safe cities; i.e., free of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.

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