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The Second Amendment

The right to bear arms is established in the Second Amendment of the Constitution. It states that for “the security of a free State” it is necessary “for the right of people to keep and bear arms”. This interpretation has been questioned, including the clause that “a well-regulated Militia” is necessary. The basis(51) for the amendment was early English writings that arms augment the “natural right of resistance and self-preservation”; the right of which should be subject to law. The Bill of Rights does not grant rights to people(19); “it restricts government from infringing on basic God-given human rights” of freedom of religion, speech, assembly, press and the right to bear arms.


Conservatives: As established by the constitution, a fundamental right of the people to keep and bear arms remains a conservative belief. Rifles and shotguns became popular as the country grew. They were used for hunting and for self-defense. With the violence and rioting that developed in the last decade millions of Americans have acquired firearms; evidently for self-protection. Today, in the 50 states(52) there are provisions for concealed carry, a major concern of progressives. In addition, 25 states now have the right to carry without seeking government permission; the result of initiatives by gun enthusiasts and the National Rifle Association (NRA).


  • The actions by progressives to defund the police has raised serious concerns by America’s citizenship. By reducing police resources and their presence there is a need for self-protection, particularly in cases of home invasion where police protection is not readily available due to the urgency of the threat. There have been a number of cases where the ownership of a firearm has saved lives during a home invasion, as reported in the NRA monthly magazine. Rarely are these incidents reported in the media.


  • Many families in America have acquired firearms for various reasons; self-protection of course being a main reason. Hunting is also a major activity for deer and bear, not only for food and sport, but for thinning the stock in populated areas. Many families encourage their children to participate in firearm activities and do so by assuring that proper training in gun safety is employed. In the manner of sport, shooting contests are held in many parts of the country. There is also interest in expert shooting competition in the world Olympics.


  • Government statistics have shown that handgun deaths are far less than deaths by knives, baseball bats and the like. If an individual wants to harm someone, a means is readily available; bombs, automobiles, fire and the like. Conservatives have advocated greater effort be placed on removing illegal firearms from criminals. Mandatory sentencing should be required for anyone who uses a firearm in the act of a crime instead of the furloughs currently given to dangerous felons by progressive justice systems.


Progressives: The progressive movement continues to promote the elimination of handgun ownership by common citizens on the basis of the threat they pose to society. Approaches taken have been against the acquisition of military-style weapons, assault rifles, hand guns with high-capacity cartridge and restrictions to ammunition purchases. Also included are age restrictions, mandatory background checks and concealed carry of handguns. The approaches appear logical but there are sufficient laws on the books throughout America which will achieve the progressive objectives if they were applied by law enforcement agencies. Statistics accumulated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would reveal the many causes of crime and recommended directions that should be pursued to reduce the causes.


  • Progressive governments ignore the threat of criminal elements who acquire handguns illegally and engage in criminal activity. For years, the crime in democratic, inner cities, such as Chicago, has been extensive. They continue with little corrective action taken by local authorities. Each weekend in Chicago many citizens are shot and a few murdered. One would question what the progressive authorities are doing about gun confiscation from the gang members; the main source of crime.


  • Violence in the inner cities is the result of a culture war. Socialistic progressives, including Black Lives Matter, have a tenet to destroy the nuclear family(17), the net result of which are one parent families. Children are raised, principally without a father, and are strongly influenced by their peers to deviate from the “straight and narrow” and participate in gang activities. The educational commitment is impaired by inner city corruption and the children suffer the consequences. Without an education and the lack of jobs many children resort to crime and gun violence.


  • Efforts to eliminate firearms from the American citizenry does not alleviate the problem. Handgun violence across the nation is primarily from illegally acquired guns. They belong to gangs that dominate the neighborhoods of everyday citizens. Progressives avoid the subject and direct their attention to white racists, particularly policemen, and their interactions with criminals. It’s not the second amendment that is the problem it is the culture of the progressives.


Commentary: Should you own a firearm for self-protection?

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