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We the People

When one refers to “We the People”, the inference is you as an individual. One person who is part of the American population; “the People”. Each individual claiming to be a conservative, democrat, leftist, right wing, moderate, socialist, fascist, communist or whatever is one of “We the People”. The issue of “Where Do You Stand?” regardless of political association is based on your beliefs, your true beliefs. One’s belief in America should be based on truth and facts(19). They are derived from an understanding of all the facets of America from its foundlings to the current day debates between conservative and progressive philosophies. So, Where Do You Stand? Scrutinize the below content and examine each by considering the truth, not just rhetoric and clichés.


Conservatives: The country was founded by white men from England with a belief in God, freedom and liberty. The principles they established in the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America have been tested for over 200 years; particularly through the period of slavery. In spite of the success of its freedom loving people, America has been characterized as a racist country run by white supremacists usurping its powers over the poor. This is the characterization of progressives. Is this view based on truth and facts, or claims to distort its truth for their own benefit? Individuals of different political ideologies must discuss each issue and attempt to resolve the differences based on truth and facts.


  • America has been a world leader as evidenced by its activity in World Wars I and II, as well as support of countries in need of assistance. The conservative principles emphasizing a capitalistic society have made historic strides in science, technology and industrial developments; all of which benefit America and mankind. The New World Order has directed its efforts to dominate America and transform it into its progressive entity. The battle is for God and country versus conformance to a new dominance fostered by the elites of the world. The concept of “America First” instituted by the 45th president has antagonized world leaders who are challenging the American system.


  • Many of the flaws in the American system are the result of progressive policies. The major cities of America dominated by the Democratic party are under siege in many ways; principally crime. The inner cities lack educational incentives, job training, job opportunities and proper housing. The result is stagnancy, fear and rioting; elements of which are not prominent in more conservative enclaves. Millions of dollars expended for inner city community activities have had little influence due to their self-centered progressive politicians.


  • Conservatives abound with pride in America, depicted by the image of the Flag, its heritage and its embrace of legal immigrants who apply to achieve the American Dream. The issues of secure borders, a strong military, America first, faith and religion, limited government and most of all the Constitution are the beliefs of the conservative moment.


Progressives: The progressive movement in America has been underway for decades. Progressives have claimed that capitalists only help the rich and hurt the poor, that climate change demands financial policies, that God does not exist and that America is a racist country and must be changed. These are all lies which are intended to manipulate and control the populous. Progressives do not engage in debate so as to avoid the truth based on science and reason. One must understand the progressive movement in comparison to the conservative perspective in one’s search for the truth.


  • The progressive movement stems from the Marxist theory of class conflict. The belief that the capitalistic ruling class were taking advantage of the working class and should be disposed and replaced by a progressive worker class. The movement divorced itself from the communism dogma of revolt and embarked on action based on political relativists and adopting an agnostic view. The democratic party’s liberal stance was transformed in progressivism, adjoining socialism (which is an economic philosophy encompassing social ownership) as opposed to capitalistic, private ownership. Typical terms of socialism include public, collective or cooperative; mainly social ownership of the means of production. The goal of many elites is to establish control of all aspects of life in America and establish it as part of the New World Order.


  • The progressive movement is well-established worldwide, and as in America is obsessed with power. It is designed to maintain and expand power of the elites. In America, the elites run the entertainment and the news media, the education system, are embedded in government, control major industries and the technology giants. They often lie in an attempt to manipulate and control the people. The control of the culture and politics in America is well underway based on false premises and deceptions.


  • The promises made by the progressives to help for the poor have resulted in the inverse. They have destroyed families, killed jobs, destroyed the cites and reduced the education system which is far behind in world ranking. For the claim that capitalism helps the rich, it can be found that the government insiders, politicians and lobbyist have been turned into millionaires, even billionaires, leaving those outside the mainstream with few opportunities. The claim that the border is racist has resulted in the open-door policy to allow unskilled immigrants to keep the wage level low for Americans to compete, besides grooming many of those immigrants for political support.


Commentary: Where you stand must be based on truth and facts derived from education, individual research and personal experiences. Misunderstandings develop when one does not enter into discussions with those of different viewpoints; commonly referred to as being “close minded” or “in an echo chamber”. The only opinions one should have should be based on truth, which exists without bias. Seek the truth and live the truth as this will lead to your own view of America and the world.

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