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Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (CRT) stems from Marxist theory(20) of class conflict. Carl Marx believed that the imbalance between the capitalists and the workers could be easily overcome by revolution resulting in a new socialist society formed by the workers. In the 20th century this mode of government change faced difficulties and failures worldwide. This Marxist belief is used by the progressives to declare America a racist country and should be overturned. To counter the American dream which is focused on education, work and good citizenship, a new approach was needed directed at social and racial unrest. The revolutionary intellectuals instituted Critical Race Theory which is based on the principles of equity, diversity and social justice.


Conservatives: Adherence to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution remain as the stalwart of America. Opposition to the CRT directions is pursued by some conservative entities and everyday citizens as they encounter progressive initiatives. Many conservatives are reluctant to share their political beliefs publicly fearful of media attacks but more so of being fired(21) from their job. Thus, many remain quiet and do not oppose the anti-American progressives. There are counterpoints to CRT principles listed in the above digest which should be considered.


  • The opposite term to equity is “equality” as stated in the Declaration of Independence in that all men are created equal with the freedom and right in the pursuit of happiness; each on the basis of individual efforts. Many “people of color” have achieved the American dream by individual fortitude and self-respect through education or special skills they achieved. Those who have achieved as a result of being treated equally do not consider America as a racist nation


  • The counterpoint of the term diversity is "meritocracy" where advancement in America is based on ability or achievement; not on the basis of wealth redistribution. Meritocracy results in the best individual for the job resulting in the best performance and benefit to the individual and community. America is credited with technological advances that were based on skilled and competent individuals following their talent and passions.


  • The claims of need for social justice stem from the ideas that truth and merit have not been adequately applied to the races. CRT aspects of social justice are being applied to elementary school children without parents being advised of the curriculum. Controversial textbooks are also added to school libraries; unbeknownst to the parents. Parents who addressed a school board about CRT activity have been called “terrorists” and some have been investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for the practice of exercising free speech.


Progressives: CRT programs have been instituted throughout America principally in universities dominated by liberal professors and have been expanded to educators at the early childhood level. Opposition to this indoctrination has resulted in division within America. Companies have engaged in these so called “Woke” activities which have fostered the progressive movement. Progressives believe that CRT is the foundation of a new America; a part of the New World Order.


  • According to CRT enthusiasts, western civilization was founded on white supremacy or privilege and that “white people” are the oppressors of “people of color” are the oppressed. This equity aspect is focused on distribution of land and wealth on the basis of racial lines which is payment for the discrimination of past decades. A government formed on equity principles would mean an end of private property, individual rights and freedom of speech.


  • In the last decade CRT has been expanded to all facets of society; the government, the military, the universities and major companies. The intent of which is to generate class conflict between groups and divide the country. The practice of diversity is applied to all facets of life. Christian faith(22) is considered oppressive and even subjects such as mathematics have been said to be racist. As practiced in the federal government, during the 2020 Presidency, practically all positions from the president to the cabinet and extending to critical government positions have been apparently based on diversity; the qualifications of which can be questioned.


  • The most progressive social justice initiative is the practice of introducing CRT programs(23) in the elementary school classroom; which even filter down to pre-school children. Children are exposed to gender identity and transgender programs encountering terms as supremacist, the oppressed, racial identity, color, diversity, ethnicity, sexual identity, homosexuality and pornography. The CRT programs are intended to influence the future youths of the country.


Commentary: Where would you like your children educated?

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