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“Stand Up for America” implies the pride in the individual freedom and liberty established in the creation of The United States of America. This country has been a shining example of democracy since its formation in 1776. Its outstanding character was demonstrated during World War II when men and women unselfishly joined together to produce the most significant military armada to defeat the two totalitarian states of Germany and Japan.

In America, the two-party system(1) has been in place since its founding as a constitutional republic; defined as a democracy where the power is held by the people and their elected representatives. Of the many definitions of democracy held worldwide, America’s format as a democracy uniquely specifies that elected representatives have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation.

For most of America’s existence, political parties(2) have dominated its politics. The two prominent parties in America are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party which have existed since the 1850s. Since the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Democratic Party has been labeled as the center-left or liberal party and the Republican Party as the center-right or conservative party. Since the 1990s both parties have drifted apart and political polarization has resulted due to major differences in ideology. Although several third parties (e.g., the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, Independence Party and the Green Party) participate in elections they generally provide little influence to significantly affect elections.

Since World War II, both the Democratic and Republican Parties have alternated election periods, typically two terms of eight years, based on the sentiment of the country, the world conditions or in the personalities of the candidates. Congressional representatives having a mixture of both conservative and liberal viewpoints have existed in both parties and are generally designated as moderates; making it a challenge for the voting public to stand solely with an individual candidate or a party. In the last two decades liberalism has led to left-wing progressive/socialistic viewpoints which has significantly divided the country, The trend for the progressive movement is directed at government control of major factions of the economy; for example, nationalizing the health care industry. Communists(3) have had a significant influence in actions to foster socialism within America while conservatives continue to strongly support its constitutional values.

The future of America depends on the voting public and what they believe is best for the country; the conservative or progressive viewpoints. Their votes depend on their knowledge of issues which will establish the direction of the country. There are influences in literature and media and by the claims of politicians and pundits. To establish a voting position, one must independently understand where they stand; the basis for this treatise.

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