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Immigration has been a main factor in the growth(19) of America since its founding. Open immigration from the Eastern, Western and Southern parts of the world were welcomed with their unique culture, but most of all those individuals who longed for individual freedom and prosperity. New amendments(36) to immigration laws in 1965 instituted a regulated process for immigrants, particularly with skills needed for America’s workforce. Most immigrants underwent a formal process toward naturalization. In the late 1990s illegal immigration became a major issue prompting laws involving deportation. Eventually elements within the country supported an open border policy as a political arm of their endeavors. This has led to a serious controversy with thousands of immigrants entering the country illegally.


Conservatives: Formal immigration is considered by conservatives a benefit to America and acceptance is obtained by issuance of a Green Card which identifies one as a temporary resident. To immigrate into America, one must formally apply by identifying the country of origin, family history, available skills and the reason for the request. Acceptance is based on America’s need of individual characteristics and skills that would benefit the country. Those not meeting the requirement are naturally refused.


  • Conservatives believe in closed borders and each immigrant entering shall be apprehended and officially processed according to existing laws. Immediate deportation is mandatory for repeat offenders, criminals, drug operatives, MS-13 members and for other criminal activity. A greater concern is for terrorists whose main goal is the inflict harm upon America. The Trump administration, with much opposition from progressive legislators, completed most of a wall to deter entry; only to be immediately halted by the President Biden administration.


  • Conservatives also advocate the investigation of illegals residing in the country. Systems are advocated to distinguish between legal and illegal workers. Consideration also needs to be given to immediate family members of skilled workers residing in the country. Another consideration is for refugees on asylum issues. Some immigrants pose serious issues for the well-being of America.


  • The value of legal immigration is evident in the individuals who have applied, have gone through the educational process and have manifested their love for America. Their accomplishments are not readily published but are occasionally presented for public awareness.


Progressives: The current philosophy of the progressive movement under President Biden is to completely open the southern border of America while the northern border entry is restricted and Cuban migrants arriving by water are immediately returned. The immigrants from the southern border are from all over the world totaling a few million under the Biden administration. The individual is documented, released and requested to attend a government hearing before permanent entry is approved; attendance of which is rarely completed. The progressive goal is to assimilate immigrants within the population to support their agenda.


  • Entry through the southern border consists of all types of young men and women, families, unattended children, criminals and terrorists. Most arrive at the border with the assistance of cartels in Mexico having little personal belongings or resources and few are physically tested for health issues. Immigrants are provided meager supplies and are transported by the federal government to locations throughout America for assimilation.


  • Immigrants are an immediate drain on the American economy in the they are in need of housing, food, medical attention and education. Local communities are forced to provide services which strain local facilities and budgets. They provide cheap labor which benefits the upper class and weakens the middle class economically.


  • The progressive open border policy has allowed many immigrants to avoid detection upon entry and are free to roam the country. Many immigrants on the government’s terrorist watch list have been apprehended and processed accordingly. However, thousands of immigrants are known to have entered, by-passing detection by the authorities. They pose a serious threat which appears to be of little concern to the administration’s leaders. The other aspect that is neglected is the quantity of drugs, principally Fentanyl, which has resulted in more than 100,000 deaths in year 2021. The Border Patrol continues to seize large amounts of all drugs, which appears to be of little interest to the progressives in office.


Commentary: Do you think all borders should be completely closed?

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