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     The treatise is focused on the term “Stand Up for America” which implies the pride in the individual freedom and liberty established in the creation of the United States of America. The country has been the shining example of democracy since its formation in 1776. Since its founding our Democracy has been a two-party system designated as a constitutional republic. Since the 1990s, the two principal parties, Republican and Democratic, have drifted apart and political polarization has resulted due to main difference in ideology; conservative versus progressive respectively.

     The intent of this treatise is to present the principal issues, twenty-seven total, which have evolved over the decades. The issues are presented with opposing opinions of the so called “conservatives” and “progressives” presented in a format comparing the political positions of each group. In each case the reader can respond to the basic question of “Where Do You Stand” based on the readers review of the content. The discussions are brief with referenced documentation supporting the relative political positions. The text is intended to reaffirm the readers political positions and should be shared with relatives and friends who may benefit from the content. The vote of every American is important and should be based on the knowledge, truth and common sense derived from this book.

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