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   Stand Up for America is a common slogan promoted by political parties and pundits. More important is the statement “Where Do You Stand on America” as contained on the soft book cover illustrated below. This treatise is intended to enable the reader to seek the truth and decide where they stand on the many political issues that exist.

Book Digest

The book addresses more than two dozen political issues that have evolved over the last two decades between traditional American principles and progressive ideology. The political issues are listed below, along with a sample article.

Italian Tribune Book Review

This thought-provoking book by J.D. Nardi addresses the changes and challenges that this country faces as we look towards the next presidential election. In short chapters, each that begins with the “Where Do You Stand,” the book addresses important questions such as the America First, Cancel Culture, Immigration, Sanctuary Cities and the Supreme Court; more than two dozen topics are covered. Read More

Book Availability

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The e-Book version is available on Amazon Kindle for $4.99: Buy Now

The Political Issues

Big Government

Black Lives Matter

Cancel Culture

Climate Change

The Constitution

Critical Race Theory

Defund (or Defend) the Police

Our Democracy

Diversity versus Meritocracy

Faith and Religion

Gender Ideology


Keystone XL Pipeline

Law & Order

New World Order or Globalism

Sanctuary Cities

The Second Amendment

The Star-Spangled Banner

Student Loan Debt

The 1619 Project

We the People


Immigration has been a main factor in the growth(19) of America since its founding. Open immigration from the Eastern, Western and Southern parts of the world were welcomed with their unique culture, but most of all those individuals who longed for individual freedom and prosperity. New amendments(36) to immigration laws in 1965 instituted a regulated process for immigrants, particularly with skills needed for America’s workforce. Most immigrants underwent a formal process toward naturalization. In the late 1990s illegal immigration became a major issue prompting laws involving deportation. Eventually elements within the country supported an open border policy as a political arm of their endeavors. This has led to a serious controversy with thousands of immigrants entering the country illegally. Read more

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