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Stand Up for America is a common slogan promoted by political parties and pundits. More important is the statement “Where Do You Stand on America” as depicted on the below book cover. This treatise is intended to enable the reader to seek the truth and decide where they stand on political issues.

In view of the division within America, the author has provided the contents of the book herein for the user to review in its entirety and to share the contents with friends and associates.

The paperback format of the book was developed to conveniently present opposing viewpoints on political issues. Due to its size, it can be easily carried to share with others.


Although the book content is provided on this website for the viewer’s individual pleasure, the paperback version is also available for retention or as a gift as noted in the above tab.

An e-Book format is also   available in an enhanced version and conveniently accessible with a smart phone. It is periodically upgraded consistent with developing issues.

Book Digest

The book addresses more than two dozen political and associated social issues that have evolved over the last two decades. They present the challenges related to  the forthcoming presidential election and thereafter; addressing not the issues between Democrats and Republicans but rather in terms of progressives versus conservatives. In each case the focus is on truth and commons sense. Review the facts presented and you decide where you stand.

Each issue provides an overview of the topic and then presents the perspective from the conservative and progressive viewpoints, respectively. The topics are short and can be used to share with others. If disagreement on any issue occurs, it is called freedom of speech; an individual entitlement.  Don’t accept the content as gospel, seek the truth. Do your own research if needed and determine where you stand.


The original book content appeared as a blog and was developed into the book format for sale to the public. In view of the critical nature of the division within America, the author decided to release the content via the website to be shared with others.

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